Long term, profitable growth through three major skill sets and three timeless lenses.

My site serves two purposes:
1. “Pay it forward” to others on a similar journey by sharing things that have helped me succeed.
2. Say “thanks” to my mentors, customers, and colleagues over the years.

– Chris Poe

We are all a function of our world view and experiences

In the nearby graphic, the colors tell the story. The green cells are the three lenses I tend to see the world.

80/20: The notion that a critical few opportunities drive results.

Lean Business Systems: Finding the least waste way

Servant Leadership: “What can I personally do, right now, to help us succeed” is the most important question of all. A subset of Servant Leadership the art of Influence without Authority, i.e. how do we get our matrixed team members to give of their time/effort/energy to to a constituency they don’t report to?

The dark blue boxes are the bulk of my career experience (Product Management, Analytics, and New Product Development), and the light blue boxes are the transferrable skills that go into those roles.

A skill like Product Line Simplification is largely a product management function, where something like Market Segmentation is at times an analytical skill, but also feeds product management.

Career Highlights

ITW Finishing Equipment Americas

Fluid Delivery Product Manager for the Binks and DeVilbiss brands of spray finishing equipment.

High Points

Winner of IWF Challenger’s Award® for new MS4-12 two ball piston pump

US Patent 9149824 (with three colleagues) for “Multi-Component Pressure Tank Assembly for Spray Coating Systems.”

Various projects using ITW toolkit. Including: VA/VE, New Product Development, Product Line Simplification, Market Segment Focus, Understand/Simplify/Act.

Sustained, profitable growth

Liquid Controls, A Unit of Idex Corporation

Mobile business unit product manager for Liquid Controls, North America’s leading manufacturer of truck mounted meters and totalizers used in the fueling industry.

High Points

Winner, 2015 Idex Recognition Award

Led implimentation of simplified configured price model

Sustained, profitable growth.

Welch Vacuum, a brand of Ingersoll Rand

Manager of Dealer Support for Welch Vacuum Pumps.

High Points

Launched two migrations to updated website platform.

With major dealer, led rollover of private label program.

Developed internal datamart

Sustained, Profitable Growth


Product Manager for CoreTech™ composite rollers in the conveyor belt industry.

High Points

Developed and Implemented Sales and Operations Planning Process

Collaboratively, developed and launched Rockline™ conveyer roller products